Rocket Trainings

February 27- March 3, 2015
Yoga ah Studio, Cincinnati

April 24 – 29, 2015
Dana Hot Yoga, Philadelphia

July 10th – July 14th, 2015
Yoga ah Studio, Cincinnati


If you are interested in hosting a Rocket 5 day training at your studio email

Amber Gean is offering 100 hour advanced training methods in the Rocket Vinyasa System. These trainings are specialized for learning Rocket sequences, the philosophy behind the Rocket practice and methods for improving your instructing and advancing your practice.

Amber Gean offers mentorship until you have completed all 100 hours of your training, the first 50 hours are earned at the workshop time over 5 days the next 50 are on your own of practicing and teaching the Rocket.

By practicing living “our yoga and our truth” you will be empowered to create a vision and follow your dreams. Some of our graduates go on to open their own studios, as well as travel the world facilitating yoga classes and workshops.

During the five days of Rocket training, you will practice The Rocket Routines, including Rocket 2 and 3 and learn the most basic form of the Rocket, called Bottle Rocket. You will also learn cross training methods for strengthening up for more advanced poses and transitions. You learn how to develop verbal instructions to make you a more confident yoga instructor as well as how to assist in more advanced poses.

The Rocket will challenge you to open up to your spiritual fire and awaken a deeper purpose in yourself. We have also developed homework that you can take home with you after the training, so you can continue to gain knowledge and experience as a Rocket instructor.

* Here are the times: Schedule is subject to change depending on studio hosting the training

Friday 2 pm Orientation

5 pm Rocket Class

Saturday 9 am Rocket Class

10:30 Break

Noon-5 Bootcamp and Rocket sequencing (break as needed)

Sunday 8:30 am Rocket Practice

10:30 am Assist class

Noon – break

1 – 4 Rocket Sequencing

Monday 9 am Rocket Practice

10:30-11:30 Break

11:30-2:30 Rocket Circle

2:30-5p Break


Tuesday 9am Rocket 2 practice

10:30-3p Closing Rocket Circle

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